Twitter(以下、ツイッター)は20日(現地時間)、同社が提供・運営する140文字以内の短文投稿(ツイート)ができるソーシャルネットワークサービス(SNS)「Twitter」( )において予約投稿機能を提供するとお知らせしています。

まずはWeb版でテストとして提供され、テストに参加した人はフィードバックをして欲しいと案内しています。紹介されている動画では通常の投稿と同様に左側にあるメニューの一番下の「Tweet」ボタンから投稿する内容を入力したら画像添付などのボタンが並ぶ一番右端にある「︙」ボタンを押して「Schedule Tweet」を選ぶようになっています。




・Explore more: We’ve added tabs to the explore tab to help organize all the content that lives there. Where available, you can use these to check out a variety of categories like news, sports, and more
・DM Quality Filter: If you have the “Allow DMs from anyone” setting enabled, some message requests may now be filtered out and hidden at the very bottom of the requests inbox.
・Search DM Inbox: To help you find conversations more quickly, you can type the name of a user or group into your DM inbox and matching conversations will be shown. This only searches your most recent messages, so if you have a lot results may not appear.
・Bottom Navigation (Mobile): On mobile devices, the navigation bar has been moved to the bottom of the page.
・Saved Searches: Crafted the perfect search to find out what’s happening on Twitter? Well now you can save it and quickly search it again. Use the menu next to the search box to “Save search”, and then find all your saved searches inside the search box when it’s empty.
・Topics: You can now follow Topics on Twitter. Stay up to date with ideas, teams, hobbies and more by following a topic form certain Tweets or searches.
・Score Cards: Is your favorite team playing? Catch up on the box score with Twitter. In Explore and live event pages, you may now see scorecards from leagues around the world.
・Translate Profile Bios: In addition to Tweets, if we detect that a user’s bio is in another language, you may now see an option to translate it inline.

・Navigation: Added icons to menus, for beauty.
・Settings: You no longer need to enter a phone number to use certain 2-factor authentication devices.
・Settings: Added an “extra small” choice to the font size selector under display settings.
・Media Viewer: Updated the media viewer to use more of the screen on large devices. Improved various uses around the site to make them more consistent.
・Timelines: Added avatars to the new Tweets pill to provide more information about who recently tweeted.
・Broadcasts: Improved the page for watching live broadcasts to be more consistent with the rest of the site.

・Navigation: Improve overall performance when opening and closing modals
・Navigation: Improved alignment of text in various headers and modules for right to left languages.
・Composer: Fixed a few bugs with CJK language composition.
・Composer: Improved performance for some slower machines so typing should feel more responsive.
・Performance: Reduced some flickering when re-visiting a page you’ve previously seen or that has some content you’ve encountered before.
・DMs: Improve sharing content to DM Groups that already exist.>

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